Along with our sister company, Siouxland Machine, we possess the equipment to further complete your order. From fabricating to machining, we have what it takes to get you what you need all under one roof. All of this means we can keep production lead times and costs to a minimum, passing those savings on to the customer!

CNC Lathes

DoosanLynx 2100 with Gantry Loader
1DoosanPuma 2600Y 2
1HaasSL-10 OT
1Mori SeikiNLX2500SY/700
1Mori SeikiNLX4000AY/750
2Mori SeikiNL2500SY/700 with Robotic Loader
1Mori SeikiCL-203B/500
1Mori SeikiCL253B
CNC Vertical Mills

AweaVP-2012 78″ x 43″ / 7700 lbs.
1MakinoPS9546″ x 20″ / 1760 lbs.
1DoosanDCM2740F 167″ x 126″ / 39600 lbs.
1HaasS Mini Mill 28″ x 12″ / 500 lbs.
1HaasVF-2 36″ x 14″ / 3000 lbs.
1HaasVF-3YT/50 54″ x 24″ / 4000 lbs.
CNC Horizontal Mills

Makino MAS-A5 MMC 24 Pallets | 3 Work-Setting Stations | 2 Mills
1Mori Seiki NH4000 400mm/880 lbs.
3Makino A-71 500mm/2200 lbs.
2Makino A-71 NX 500mm/2200 lbs.
1Makino A-81 NX 630mm/3300 lbs.