Manual and Robotic welding services are available for low and high-volume plate fabrications.  Materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and alloys in various thicknesses.  From simple weldments to complex metal fabrications with hundreds of components, Siouxland Fabricating has significant welding expertise and capacity to assist customers with strategic outsourcing.  With appropriate weld certifications, the latest equipment, and a manufacturing team to assure every step of the process adds value to your product, Siouxland Fabricating can bring significant savings to your supply chain.
Machines7 Miller Deltaweld 652 Mig Welders
AWS certified welders on staff
Robotic – Workcells
Machine1 Genesis Versa 2L Robotic Welding Workcell1 Genesis CRZ FT Robotic Welding Workcell
Bed Sizes60″ X 120″36″ X 36″
Material3,000 lb. max600 lb. max
Robotic – Universal Robots
Machine3 UR10e Cobot Welders
Universal Robot
Miller welder
Tregaskiss welding gun
Bed Size32″ X 48″
Payload27.5 lb.

Equipment List

7 LasersMazak -- Mark II-Mark III2500-4000 watt60″ x 120″
20GA to 1″ max
2 DDLsMazak Optiplex 30154000 watt60″ x 120″
1″ max
1 FiberMazak Optiplex 3015 NEO15,000 watt60" x 120"
2 PlasmaMesser MG Titan
MetalMaster Xcel
260 amp
400 amp - Bevel Cutting
10′ x 40′
2″ max with pierce – 3″ without pierce
2 FlameMesser MG Titan7 oxyfuel torches12′ x 48′
6″ max
1 Hydraulic Press BrakeAccurPressup to 320 tonup to 10' long
2 Electronic Press BrakesSafan Darley 100T
Safan Darley 300T
up to 300 tonsup to 13' long
Robotic WelderGenesis – Versa 2L
Genesis – CRZ FT
dual 60″ x 120″ beds
36″ x 36″ bed
3000 lb max
600 lb max
Universal RobotsUR10 & UR10e32" x 48" welding bed
51" reach
27.5 lb.
7 Weld Stations
1 SawHydmech M-20A90-30 degree miters
10 HP
up to 20"H x 30"W
3D PrintingFusion3 F410250 mm/sec print speedsbuild volume of
1.38 cubic feet
(355 x 355 x 315mm)
2 Hydraulic Ironworkers1 Marvel Spartan MSIW126D
1 Piranha P-120
up to 126 tons
1 Hydraulic RollerDavi MCA 12204' wide
1/2" thick
1 Rubber Belt BlasterViking 600R Blaster6 cubic foot working areaup to 1000 lbs.
1 Blast Booth12′ height x 20′ width
x 53′ long
6 Delivery Trucks